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Seminar Presentations

2018 Sectional Seminar Presentations
NFPA 306 Next Edition Changes - DOWNLOAD

2017 Occurrence Reports Review - DOWNLOAD

MCA Abbreviated Business Report - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Rules Revision - DOWNLOAD

Mini Seminar Presentation - DOWNLOAD

2017 Annual Seminar Presentations
2017 Marine Chemist Association Business Report- DOWNLOAD

Navy Gas Free Engineering - DOWNLOAD

LNG Carrier and Marine Fuel: Fleet Status Update and Repair Discussion - DOWNLOAD

Energy - API's Role Promoting Safety - DOWNLOAD

The Marine Chemist, US Coast Guard, and Subchapter M - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Forms and Submissions - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Survey Results - DOWNLOAD

NFPA & The Marine Chemist - DOWNLOAD

NFPA Technical Committee on Gas Hazards & NFPA 306 - DOWNLOAD

OSHA Inspection, Hot Topics - DOWNLOAD

Shipyards and the Marine Chemist - DOWNLOAD

Marine Gas Hazards Control Program - DOWNLOAD

The Role of Insurance in a Marine Casualty - DOWNLOAD

Hydrogen Fueled Ferry Feasibility Study and CFD Modeling of Leak Scenarios - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Qualification Board - DOWNLOAD

Maritime: Update on Hydrogen as Cargo - DOWNLOAD

2017 Sectional Seminar Presentations
Adjacent Spaces - The Big Picture- DOWNLOAD

2016 Annual Seminar Presentations
Explosions, Deflagrations, Combustion Class and Division Ratings - DOWNLOAD

Fire Extinguishers 101 - DOWNLOAD

Fire and Explosions, Incidents and Consequences - DOWNLOAD

Hazardous Locations - Electrical Equipment - DOWNLOAD

Insurance and Liability - DOWNLOAD

LNG as Fuel - Plan Review - DOWNLOAD

LNG Fuel System Inspection Job Aid - DOWNLOAD

Marine Safety Alert Inspections & Compliance Directorate - DOWNLOAD

MCA Presentation 2016 - Amy Wangdahl - DOWNLOAD

Methanol Marine Fuel Report- DOWNLOAD

Minimum Ignition Energy - DOWNLOAD

Overview of the History of Savannah - DOWNLOAD

Static Charge Isolation on Vessels - DOWNLOAD

2016 Sectional Seminar Presentations
MCA FCLC Introduction - DOWNLOAD

MCA FCLC LNG Properties & Characteristics - DOWNLOAD


MCA FCLC LNG Industry Overview - DOWNLOAD

MCA FCLC LNG Fueled Vessel Design & Construction - DOWNLOAD

MCA FCLC LNG Fuel Tanks and Safety Systems - DOWNLOAD

MCA FCLC LNGF Gas Measuring, Control and Monitoring - DOWNLOAD

306 Submissions - DOWNLOAD

2015 Sectional Seminar Survey Results - DOWNLOAD

2016 MCA Mini Seminar NFPA Report - DOWNLOAD

CMCs Sample Instructions - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Sectional Traning Seminars - DOWNLOAD

MCA 2016 Seminars - DOWNLOAD

2015 St Louis Annual Presentations
2015 Annual Business Meeting PPT - DOWNLOAD

MSA XCell Sensors - DOWNLOAD

Field Use of Direct Reading Instruments for Gas and Vapor Detection - DOWNLOAD

Test America - Basics of Radiation - DOWNLOAD

Choosing and Using the Best Sensor Technologies for Marine Chemistry Applications - DOWNLOAD

Evaluation of Shipyard Competent Person Programs - DOWNLOAD

Fire and Rescue Services - DOWNLOAD

Your Safety is Our Passion - DOWNLOAD

Safety Issues of Shale Gas Extraction Waste Water - DOWNLOAD

MSA Portable Gas Detection - DOWNLOAD

2015 Sectional Seminar Presentations
Maritime Sewage Tanks - Entry Precautions - DOWNLOAD

2015 Summary of MGHCP Meeting - DOWNLOAD

Certificate Critique Exercise - DOWNLOAD

Survey Results - Maintenance of Conditions/Change in Conditions - DOWNLOAD

2014 Misc Presentations
CHT Hazards (T. Littlepage) - DOWNLOAD

Safety Standards for LNG Fueled Vessels - DOWNLOAD

MCA Sewage Tank Entry - DOWNLOAD

OSHA FS Sewage Tank Entry - DOWNLOAD

Sewage Hazards in the Maritime Industry - DOWNLOAD

2014 Las Vegas Annual Presentations
Membrane Tank Construction and Inspection Considerations - DOWNLOAD

Leadership During a Time of Change ?LNG Bunkering Facilities and Bunkering Operations? - DOWNLOAD

Gas Carriers: Arrangements & Characteristics (Rich Delpizzo) - DOWNLOAD

2014 Sectional Seminars Survey Results - DOWNLOAD

LNG New Construction and Operation - DOWNLOAD

LNG Fuel of the Future, A New Marine Era for Gas - DOWNLOAD

LNG as a Marine Fuel - DOWNLOAD

Annual Marine Chemist Seminar, Las Vegas (Joseph McKechnie) - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Association (Amy Wangdahl, CSP) - DOWNLOAD

2014 Sectional Presentations
2013 Occurrence Reporting - DOWNLOAD

Electronic Marine Chemist Certificate (EMCC) Users Guide- DOWNLOAD

2014 MCA Sectional Seminar Maintenance of Conditions Presentation by Robbie Walker - DOWNLOAD

Certificate Critique Exercise - DOWNLOAD

NFPA 306 -Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels - DOWNLOAD

2013 Bar Harbor Annual Presentations
Above Ground Storage Tanks - Marine Chemists' Role Safeguarding Entry and Work - DOWNLOAD

Combustible Dust - New Emphasis on Old Hazard - DOWNLOAD

General Dynamics - Global Harmonization System - DOWNLOAD

NFPA - Vigilant Eye - DOWNLOAD

NFPA - Working Together - DOWNLOAD

Marine Chemist Association - Amy Wangdahl, CSP - DOWNLOAD

Salvage Operations and the Marine Chemist - DOWNLOAD

Shipyard Ergonomics - DOWNLOAD

Mercury in Oil Products - DOWNLOAD

2012 Occurence Report Review - DOWNLOAD

2013 Mini Seminar Presentation on Survey Results - DOWNLOAD


NFPA 306 Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels
2013 Revision Cycle, A Summary of the Changes - DOWNLOAD

Last Year's Review - DOWNLOAD

2013 MCA Sectional Seminar - Certificate Critique Exercises - DOWNLOAD

Mercury in Crude Oils - DOWNLOAD

Safety, Health, Environmental Issues and Recommendations for
Shipboard Handling of Elevated Mercury Crude Cargoes - DOWNLOAD

SCP Instructions - DOWNLOAD

Worker Communication Technology: solving the HIGH NOISE barrier - DOWNLOAD

Pump Room Hazard Incident - DOWNLOAD

Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance "ERHMS" - DOWNLOAD

The Future Use of Natural Gas as Vessel Fuel - DOWNLOAD

MSA The Safety Company, Confined Space Rescue - DOWNLOAD


OSHA: Maritime Activities and Regulatory Update - DOWNLOAD