Fall 2014 Issue



OCTOBER 26, 2014


The MCQB met during the week of October 20th. Larry Russell reported that a trainee who had recently become certified rode aboard a vessel to observe a cleaning operation prior to the vessel entering port. The individual observed vessel cleaning operations during transit. Since the individual was recently certified, he was able to certify the spaces after cleaning as the vessel entered port. Larry reported that it was a positive experience for both the chemist and the vessel. Larry will continue to try to expand this opportunity for trainees to ride vessels during cleaning operations.

The board recertified 10 chemists this year and no chemist(s) retired this year. Eight new trainees entered the program which brings to total of trainees registered to 26. There are currently 95 certified chemists.

Twenty chemists have taken the FLCC open book exam and passed. Thirty six chemists currently have the endorsement.

There are currently 47 users of the EMCC program; however several chemists are not using the computers and will be asked to return them, as there are chemists waiting for a computer. The breakdown between paper certificates and electronic certificates is: 15,900 paper and 12,800 electronic certificates issued. Larry provided a rough estimate of about 37,600 total certificates for this year although not all chemists are up to date with their monthly reports.


CMC 645, Robbie Walker’s term on the MCQB will be ending in the summer of 2015. Current alternate CMC 667 Philip Dovinh will move into the principal position on the committee. Nominations Chair, CMC 629 Tom Littlepage will seek volunteers and nominations to this important committee. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact Tom. In accordance with our by-laws anyone volunteering will need letters of recommendation from a member of each section. This is a demanding position and requires a significant time commitment and dedication to carry out the responsibilities required.

Captain. John Mauger from the USCG gave the board a presentation on LNG as Fuel. He explained that the USCG is working on regulations and voiced his concerns on safety and repair of these vessels. The board requested that he be considered as a speaker for the annual. This presentation will be posted on the MCA website soon.

The MCQB also discussed issued of Frac water which is primarily being moved by rail car. It is expected that it will also be transported by barge in the near future if it not already. There is a concern that it contains Radium 226. The board requested the MCA to consider a presentation on radiation meters for the annual seminar.

There were 10 incident reports which will be reviewed at the mini seminars by Larry Russell.

The MCQB will meet:

March 3-4, 2015 in Atlanta

August 5-6, 2015 in St. Louis with the MCA annual

November 4-5, 2015 in Seattle