Spring 2015 Issue



MARCH 8, 2015


NFPA reported that the average age of chemists throughout the country is 55. There is particular concern about the age of the chemists in Hawaii as they have no trainees currently in the pipeline.

There will be close to 37,000 certificates written during 2014. Monthly and quarterly report filing for 2014 was better than average. EMCC certs now make up about one half of all certificates written.

The Ship Rider program for trainees is on-­‐going and it is expected that three billets will be available in 2015, two on East Coast and one on West Coast.

Eighteen SCP seminars were conducted by NFPA last year both inside and outside of the U.S. Income from this program is returned to the Marine Gas Hazard Control Program and helps support the entire MCA/NFPA programs.

Training Modules 1-­9 have been revised and are currently being reviewed by the MCQB. Once the review is complete the new format will be transitioned to an electronic format and sent to all trainees.


During the 2014 meeting the MCQB reviewed the USCG policy on marijuana use and decidednot to adopt it. The MCQB will follow the policy that if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and have an incident, the board will take action. There will be no additional notification or updates on this policy. The policy on being under the influence may be found on the NFPA Marine Chemistwebsite. USCG bulletin on the use of intoxicants will however be followed as a guidelinefor any action the board may take. Please remember that the board may suspend a chemist if their ability to work is impaired by alcohol, drugs or medications which may affect anindividual’s judgment. In current rules. Section 8. B. 2 outlines the impairment policy of the MCQB.The USCG policy is attached.

The Board looked at the medical forms used by theUSCG which has changed the timeframe for a physical from 5 to 2 years.They decided not to change the present rules for chemists. Chemists need to evaluate their own health and determine if they are fit for duty.This includes an evaluation following any operations or medical procedures which may affect your physical abilities.

Shipyard representative Kevin Sayler has stepped down from theMCQB and is being replaced bySteven Walker from Jeff Boat in Indiana.

The MCQB evaluated six incident reports during the past year. Additional informationpresented during the seminar may be found on the MCA website.The board is currently reviewing a process for chemists to enter an appeal to the MCQB after an action is taken.

The Board will meet Aug. 5 in conjunction with the annual seminarin St. Louis and in Seattle on November 4 and 5.