Summer 2013 Issue



The recent annual seminar was very successful. Thirty five chemists attended and in total more than100 family members and friends turned out. We tried out a new seminar format where we had fewer but longer presentations and it seemed to be well accepted by those in attendance. Our keynote speaker was a local lobsterman, while a little unorthodox, his engaging style and humor made him one of our best and entertaining speakers in many years. He was able to engage all members of the audience from the chemists to the children. Also, our dinner dance had a twist to it. We had a traditional New England lobster bake which had the New Englanders and other experts showing the uninitiated at their tables how to shell and eat a lobster. Finally, the hospitality suite had a porch overlooking scenic Bar Harbor. The Atlantic section hosts did an excellent job providing local gifts for the ladies and with the food and drink. Thanks go out to Greg Grondin, Stephanie Carver and Pat Hickey for putting this together. Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention that a slide show and tribute to our long standing past secretary, did not leave a dry eye in the audience. We will miss him, although his past contributions will be remembered for many years. John Bell CMC 585 gave a memorial for Doyle Smith CMC 551 and Stephen Gronda CMC 659 presented a remembrance for Gary Graham CMC 624.


Prior to the seminar an executive committee meeting was held. During the meeting the committee updated and created several policies which have been placed on the website. These were policies on ethics, expense charging and use of the ALLCMC email list. When you get a chance, please review these new policies. Another item that the committee worked on was an update to the MCA bylaws. Many of our bylaws no longer reflected our actual practices and needed updating. You will be receiving a ballot in the mail to vote on these. Please return it promptly. Another change made by the executive committee is the way sectional dues are collected. Starting with your next dues notice you will receive your sectional dues notice and annual dues notice in one bill. You will send one check to the MCA secretary and when all the dues are collected a check will be sent to the sectional treasurer. It has become apparent that the collection of section dues is difficult with the addition of new chemists and with chemists moving to different sections. Hopefully, this will be easier and cheaper for all.

At the start of the seminar the annual business meeting was conducted. During this session a review of the years past events was presented, an overview of the budget was given and various items discussed.