December 2021 Newsletter

The Marine Chemist Association held a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on November 20, 2021 at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton.

A meeting summary and general information follows.

The MCA is excited to announce that our 2022 Annual Seminar will be held in San Antonio, Texas from July 18 – 20 at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk. This will be our first in person seminar in two years.

Our 2022 Annual Seminar will be our first in person meeting in about two years. The MCA is excited to hold it at the Hyatt Regency Hotel directly in the heart of the Riverwalk in San Antonio. The details are being finalized and we are hoping for a good turnout for the meeting.

The popularity of our recent annual seminar lends a degree of uncertainty to the turnout. A recent poll sent out trying to get information on attendance at the seminar only had 40% of chemists replying making it difficult to obtain an accurate number for the seminar. As a result the MCA is going on past history for attendance. A low turnout will result in the Association paying extra for failing to meet its obligations, so please consider coming. It should be a good time.

The Hyatt is in the center of the Riverwalk. You can walk out of the hotel and enter the Riverwalk area. There is a large assortment of shops, restaurants and attractions within minutes of the hotel. The MCA is in the final stages of planning many of the events. Our spouse’s tour will be a guided river barge tour up to the Pearl District where there are historic shops and restaurants. This will be followed by lunch and a ride back in an air conditioned bus. Our annual social event is being planned at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. It contains an eclectic mix of exhibits along with a saloon. We will have a card shark available along with a line dance instructor for some group fun.

The hotel is about a 10 minute ride from the airport and is walking distance from the Alamo. More information about the event will follow after the first of the year.

As far as technical topics for the chemists currently we are planning to have an instrument seminar with various manufacturers presenting on their types of instrumentation.

A link to make a reservation at the Hyatt follows;

After the start of the year registration and payment information for the annual seminar will be available on the website. Payment can be made by going to our pay site.