Registration to the MCA spring sectional seminar in LA. closes on 3/14/23. 

No walkins will be permitted due to the hotel requesting final numbers at that time.

Professional Code of Ethics

Adopted by the Board of Directors 11/20/2021


The standards for Professional Ethical Conduct are intended to guide me and assure objectivity as a member of the Marine Chemist Association in performance of my duties as a marine chemist. I agree to abide by these standards as well as other rules and policies of the Association. These standards establish the guidelines and procedures that enable me to act in an ethical and objective manner, thereby upholding the integrity of the Association and its members. As a member chemist in the performance of my profession, I stand in position of trust in relation to the Marine Chemist Association. The Marine Chemist Association, Inc. holds paramount that the fundamental responsibility of a member chemist is to provide impartial professional judgment. I must always strive to give the highest level of professionalism in all my dealings with my clients, my associates, my fellow members, and the public.


“As a Regular member of the Marine Chemist Association, I will comply with the MCA Member Professional Code of Ethics.  I will report all incidents of suspected violation of the Code of Ethics to the Chair of the Ethics Committee or the MCA Chair for delivery to the Ethics Committee Chair. I understand that such reports/complaints will be addressed pursuant to the Association’s Ethics Committee Complaint Procedures currently in effect.”

As a Regular member of the Marine Chemist Association, I recognize my professional activities have a significant impact on health and safety in the marine industry. I accept this professional responsibility and I will uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the marine chemist profession by:

  1. Endeavoring to compliment and expand the prestige of the marine chemist;
  2. Being truthful and objective in serving faithfully my clients, my associates, my fellow chemists, and the
  3. Carefully avoiding any practice which is contrary to law or otherwise inimical to the public welfare or would
    bring discredit to me, the Association or the marine chemist profession;
  4. Using my knowledge and skill for the enhancement of the marine industry and the marine chemist
  5. Abiding by a personal conduct standard that would preclude from undertaking any marine chemist activities
    when impairment of faculties is in question.


Canons express in general terms the standards of professional conduct expected of me as a member of the Marine Chemist Association, Inc. in my relationship with my clients, my associates, my fellow members and the public.

As a marine chemist I will:

  1. Build my professional reputation on the merit of my services;
  2. Continue professional development throughout my career and provide opportunities for the professional development of my associates;
  3. Disseminate professional knowledge in a truthful and objective manner for the benefit of my clients, the association and the profession;
  4. Not be engaged so as to create conflicts of interest;
  5. Display the highest standards of integrity, professional competence and fair dealing at all times;
  6. When a dispute on a professional matter arises between myself and another chemist, I will use direct and timely communication between myself and the other chemist prior to sharing the conflict with others in the industry.


As a member of the Marine Chemist Association, I will comply with these provisions of the “Code for the Professional Ethical Conduct of Marine Chemists.” I will report all incidents of suspected Association policy violations to the National Chairman or a member of the Ethics Committee. If, after a preliminary investigation, it appears there is a basis to believe that a violation may have occurred, the Marine Chemist Association, Inc. will follow its appropriate rules of discipline as set forth in the By-laws.