November 2023 Newsletter

The Marine Chemist Association held a Board of Directors (BOD) meeting October 8th at MITAGS in Baltimore, MD. This was preceded by a sectional seminar. The topic of the sectional seminar was the standard safety designation of Safe for Limited Hot Work. Information on the seminar, board meeting and general information follow.


The presentation on Limited Hot Work was the third sectional seminar on this topic finally. The Board is returning to its schedule to provide two sectional seminars per year on one topic as in the past. We are catching up after the pandemic changes. Our next sectional seminar will be in Houston. More information on this will be provided later in the newsletter.

There were 10 chemists in attendance along with three trainers and one GFE. The turnout was better than expected although still below average. The Board is hoping that as we move away from Covid attendance will increase.

It has been many years since the Association held a meeting at MITAGS (Marine Institute for Training and Graduate Studies) and it turned out to be very convenient and the venue was very accommodating to the Association. The property is located close to the airport and runs a shuttle. Meals are included in the room price and the classrooms were up to date. The Association may consider returning to the property in the future for either meetings or sectional seminars.

The seminar at MITAGS went very well with multiple questions to the presenters. Additionally, the final open session remains popular to ask specific questions on any topic. All of the presentations are available to members to access on the website. The Board reaffirmed its stance of continuing to hold in-person meetings versus virtual meetings. The benefits of both methods were discussed and the Board believes that the in-person interactions provide a better experience for all involved.