Fall 2016 Issue


Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport, IL Hotel

The Marine Chemist Association held an Executive Board meeting in Chicago on October 30th. A summary of the meeting and general news follows.


NFPA Report

NFPA updated training modules 1-6 have been approved by MCQB. They are available on the NFPA web site for use by trainees. The new tests will be available by end of year reflecting the changes and updates to the modules. Currently, Modules 8,9,10,11,13,17 are with the MCQB for review.

Jill McGovern will soon send out a notice to update the NFPA MC directory as needed. The On-line version is updated throughout the year. (It should be noted that the contact information that the MCA maintains on www.marinechemist.org site is separate and different from the NFPA site. When making changes you must contact both NFPA and Don Raffo for the MCA site. A new website update form has been posted on the MCA website if you wish to make changes to your information. Look under the Forms tab.) Larry Russell is a member on the USCG CTAC (Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee) The committee is currently working on a document to revise regulations for LNG bunker barges. The Sub-committee is active and is reviewing the regulation in 46 CFR 145, 154. The USCG is determining if they can pass off functions that they currently perform to public companies. 

One area they are looking at is MARPOL Annex 2 (Noxious Substances). Noxious substances require a pre wash in port and a survey must verify that this is done. The USCG can delegate that requirement but have not set any regulations on this. This could be an area of possible business for chemists; however it is too early to tell. Larry has asked for 10 new computers for the EMCC program as the existing one are starting to fail. This will be reviewed at the budget meeting in January. Marine Gas Hazard Control Program The board and fund will meet in early January to review budget requests from the MCA and NFPA. The MCA 2017 budget request will be developed during December in conjunction with the Executive Board.