Marine Field Service Safety Alert 01-23 – Check Sampling Hose Used with Portable Gas Detection Meter

All CMCs and Trainees:

The attached Safety Alert (MFS Safety Alert 01-23) highlights the risk of inaccurate gas detection readings that can occur when a defective sampling hose is used with a portable gas detection meter. Other factors that can affect the evaluation of the atmosphere of confined spaces and work areas are also presented. The incident that is the subject of this Safety Alert did not involve a Marine Chemist or shipyard employment. However, the lessons learned from this incident are important for Marine Chemists, Marine Chemist Trainees, and shipyard competent persons. Questions or comments about this Safety Alert can be directed to the NFPA Marine Field Service.

For Marine Chemists: If you have not submitted your Monthly Survey Reports for the First Quarter of 2023 – please do so now.  As the title of the report suggests, this task should be completed monthly. For those of you who consistently turn in reports each month, without prompting – Thank you!

For Marine Chemists and Trainees: Please be aware that Ms. Paniagua has a new assignment as Project Coordinator with the NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation. She is continuing to assist me while we are seeking a new Project Administrator for the Marine Filed Service.  That said, please be sure to include me on any correspondence. 

Also, please be aware that NFPA Staff all work remotely. Correspondence (recert applications, etc.) by email is preferred. If you do send something to NFPA by US Mail, UPS, FEDEX, etc.; please let me know. I do not live in Massachusetts and need to make arrangements to collect stuff that is sent to the office.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter (or happy whatever you celebrate) with your family and friends this weekend.


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