April 2021 Newsletter

The Marine Chemist Association held an Executive Board meeting via Zoom on March 28, 2021.

A summary of the meeting and a general discussion follows.

On March 28, 2021 the first virtual sectional seminar was held. Seventy chemists, two trainees and three GFEs attended. This number of attendees was a record and the popularity of the virtual meetings has caused the board to take notice. A poll was sent out about the meetings and the information will be provided later in this newsletter.

The seminar theme was back to basics.

A video presentation on cleaning a tank for hot work by Josh Marshall 721, Matt Gillespie 737, David Miller 663, and Patrick Beringer 740, was very well received and a first for the Association. Many thanks for the hard work and effort that went into it.

Next was a presentation by life member Lamar LaBauve 576 (Retired) on inspecting a tank for hot work.

Finally, Don Raffo led a discussion on what is required on a Safe for Hot Work.

2021 Sectional Seminar Agenda, March 27, 2021 0900 EST via Zoom

Cleaning a tank to meet the Safe for Hot Work Standard Safety Designation (SSD) Joshua Marshall CMC 721

  • What cleaning is required to meet the Safe for Hot Work Requirement?
  • How are pipelines handled?
  • How are adjacent spaces handled?
  • Cleaning perspectives from a cleaning company.

Inspection of a Tank to meet the Safe for Hot Work SSD. Lamar Labauve CMC 576, Retired.

  • What does a chemist look for?
  • What does a chemist look for in pipelines?
  • How do you test pipelines?
  • What do you look for in adjacent spaces
  • What do you test for (hot work only)

Issuing a Safe for Hot Work Certificate. Don Raffo CMC 668.

  • What is required on a certificate?
  • How do you list the test result?
  • Best practices?
  • How do you write a good SFHW certificate?

Approximately 20 comments, including a letter were received by the board expressing disappointment on the way the seminar was moderated and the conduct of some members. In the future, the virtual meetings will be better controlled and individuals not following the protocol, will be removed from the seminar.

The next sectional seminar will start at 0900 EST on October 23, 2021. There is no charge for MCA members or affiliates to attend. Non-members will be charged a $78.00 fee payable on the website, www.marinechemistpaysite.com once payment is made please send an email to dvraff@comcast.net and the information to join will be sent.

While the MCA had hoped to have an in-person annual seminar this year the level of uncertainty involved in scheduling in person group meetings created too many obstacles. Currently, the MCA is exploring the option of holding a virtual annual seminar. More details will be announced once a schedule firms up. It is expected that the meeting will involve two four hour days. (This is only a guess at this point) The Excom decided to hold the seminar on a Friday afternoon and a Saturday morning. A business meeting will be held at a separate time.